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Permaculture Agriculture Technique

Posted by on Nov 12, 2015

Wonder what is permaculture agriculture technique? Here are some tips for you

This may sound weird, but permaculture farming is technique that involves using same piece of land to grow multiple crops.  Permaculture technique offers long-term benefits, and compared to conventional agriculture, it is ecologically friendly.  It is also more complex than usual methods.

Permaculture farming is considered part of modern farming practices. But, techniques used in such farming are old, traditional, and are being used in farming since several decades in certain countries.  Let’s take a look at some points to know more about such farming.

Permaculture technique helps in increasing farm’s total productivity

Western agriculture involves dividing land in different pieces. Every piece is used to grow different crops that are grown according to their favorable seasons.  In most cases, pieces of land are blocked due to annual crops.

4972701_300But in case of permaculture farming, there is no need to follow standard practices and block pieces of land.  Such farming technique allows farmers to cultivate multiple crops within single piece of land.  This helps farmers in several ways. Most importantly, it helps in better managing problems caused by weeds and pests. It also helps in increasing farm’s total productivity.

From ecological point of view, the main difference between western agriculture practice and permaculture technique is that western one uses mechanistic, while permaculture is ecological.  Usual agriculture involves controlling various aspects of nature to create favorable atmosphere for farming. On the other hand, permaculture involves working with nature by understanding animals, plants, and their relationship with one another.

This is the era of credit crunch, and it is obvious that people would take stepss to increase their revenue. From commercial point of view, permaculture farming can increase farm’s overall productivity by allowing cultivation of various crops.  Currently, there are very less records that show permaculture’s benefits over usual western farming technique. But farmers or even individuals who use permaculture techniques in their farms or gardens can easily share their opinion about benefits of permaculture.


Growing multiple crops would also protect farmers from price fluctuations that impact farmers who focus only on one crop throughout the year.  This automatically offers stability to farmers and makes them resilient.

Plus, it also reduces the expenditure for pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers.  Initially you may require more labour than the workers required for traditional farming. But, once the initial setup for permaculture is in place, you can save considerable funds on long term basis.  By switching to permaculture, you would also reduce pollution as you would replace chemicals with organic waste.


Permaculture is being used in several countries since decades

As mentioned earlier, there are several countries that are using permaculture agriculture system since several decades. Native Americans cultivate squash, corn, and beans in same piece of land. Such practice is common in North America, and this is possible because all these crops complement each other nutritionally and ecologically.

These days, Vladislav Davidzon and his Regenerative Leadership Institute has managed to attract a lot of attention because of their permaculture education courses offered in various countries. Fill Regenerative Leadership Institute login form with your information, and learn what you need to know about permaculutre. Their institute can prove to be best option if you wish to learn secrets of eco friendly farming.

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Urban Gardening and some recipes

Posted by on Oct 3, 2015

1_dkwzGrowing your own vegetables without making some extremely delicious meals with them is simply not a way to live a life. Growing your own products and consuming them is the purpose of making permaculture gardens in your own backyard. If you went of some of the courses that were organized by some organizations, search for Vladislav Davidzon he founded some of those, you may be able to taste some of those meals in communities that are completely immersed in the idea of permaculture. Because many of you didn’t do that I am going to write about several recipes  which can be made by products from you own backyard. 


spinachSpinach, Avocado and Kale can be used to make a delicious smoothie. Here is what you need. Spinach, Avocade, Kale, apple, green grapes and a bit of water, or some juice. You need blender in order to make this tasty smoothie. Blend all ingredients but leave out water or juice, whatever you decided to use. After about 30 seconds of blending add the water/juice and continue blending. Best thing to do is to add last ingredient bit by bit, until you achieve consistency you desire. This is done because some prefer less water in their smoothie while other like it a bit smoother.

Here is a tip you probably didn’t know until know. Spinach goes with everything. And that is good considering the facts that it has a lot of health benefits. Because of this a lot of smoothie recipes you encounter will have a spinach as an ingredient, and kale too. You can learn much more on permaculture certification courses.

Detox Smoothie or if you like its full name Morning Citrus detox smoothie. This one has a bit more ingredients, lemon and lime, apple, ginger, celery, carrot and our old acquaintances spinach and kale. This smoothie is an energy bomb you need every morning because it has a lot of ingredients that are full of nutrients and a lot of detoxing agents. 

Permaculture In 3 Minutes – Regenerative Leadership Institute from RegenerativeLeadership Institute on Vimeo.

    Some of the ingredients included may not suit everyone, but once you get over it you will crave for that taste. As with previous recipe blending for minute or two is all you need to make this.

If you are not a morning person you can make this in the evening and drink it in the morning for a boost of the energy. 

Up until now you may be thinking that only smoothies can be made from homegrown vegetables. Well that is not true, there are a lot of things you can make, and roasting vegetables is just one more way of using products of your garden.

Now you should know that some plants are good when boiled while others lose all taste when you put them in water and boil for a long time. It is same with roasting veggies. They can lose a lot of their taste if you roast them too long. Every plant has its own time it should be roasted, and by learning those things you can mix different veggies and create some wonderful meals from them. Roasted veggie is the next best thing apart from salad for a side dish with your steak. 


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The history of Regenerative Leadership Institute

Posted by on Sep 30, 2015


Bill Mollison

The history of permaculture itself goes back to the 1970s when an Australian professor, Bill Mollison and his graduate student at the time, David Holmgren, coined that term and developed this systematic method. Although people nowadays usually think of agriculture and gardening when they hear the world permaculture, this is not nearly all. Permaculture is a large idea and it affects all sorts of human activities, from construction and building houses to environmental issues and business solutions. The main principles are the same through all of those aspects, and they are connected to the intention of making this system a widespread norm and thus enabling people to live in harmony with nature and in a self-sustainable and healthy society. 


David Holmgren

Several core beliefs and design principles were established as the essential elements (or tenets) of permaculture and some of them include care for the earth, care for the people, return of surplus, etc. There are even some more rules and similar phrases that every beginning permaculturalist had to “learn”, so Mollison and Holmgren started teaching and giving courses. Since their activities were highly popular, they gained a large fan base very quickly and after publishing some books and guides – they opened schools for easier teaching of their theories, and those schools were called Institutes. 

Similar idea inspired another famous entrepreneur and activist, Vladislav Davidzan, to start his own school for sustainable design, and in 2004 he opened Regenerative Leadership Institute. Some kind of a permaculture gardening for beginners. Davidzan already had presentable reputation and history in this area, since his notable projects included: ThinkHost – started in 1999, this was the first web hosting company that was carbon neutral and powered exclusively on wind and solar power; Common Circle Expeditions (Sustainable Energy in Motion) – revolutionary idea of using bikes and organizing tours on the back roads of Oregon and Hawaii to visit examples of sustainable living and notable organic farms. 

Regenerative Leadership Institute was also quite revolutionary when it was started since its founder and CEO, Vladislav Davidzan, used some new and fresh methods of teaching about permaculture, making giant breakthrough with his pragmatic approach and immersion in nature. mq1As he is himself a man who deeply respects nature and wants the laws of nature to govern our daily lives in hope of a better future, Davidzan made his courses available all over the world (nowadays his classes are available in over 195 countries and over 250.000 people attended his Institute). His ideas of making a new connection with environment, of leading sane, fulfilled lifestyle and to protect and preserve natural resources quickly became accepted worldwide. Check his LinkedIn profile.

Next big step in history of Regenerative Leadership Institute came in 2013, when this company crowd-founded enough money ($26.000) to release a large amount of their content on the internet, and therefore making their courses free. Their website now offers a lot of videos and guides on themes like permaculture, sustainable living and various social issues. 

What will be the next step in evolution for Regenerative Leadership Institute and its highly successful owner remains to be seen, but knowing his skills of an entrepreneur there is no doubt it will be very popular and useful for millions of people. 

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