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Make a Worm Compost System

Posted by on Jan 5, 2016

Worm composting enables you to compost your food waste quickly while creating compost soil of high quality and fertilizing liquid. The best part is that it is self-contained and almost odorless. Here is how you can make a worm compost system.

  1. Making a Home for Your Worms

Find a Worm Bin – A worm bin is a home for the worms where they digest the organic material you provide them. You can purchase worm bins from online vendors or your local farm supply store. If you are crafty enough, you can build one. You can learn more on how to build a worm bin at Open Permaculture School and online on Regenerative Leadership Institute.


Place The Worm Bin In A Cool Area– If your worm bin is outside you should put it in some shade to protect it from excess heat.

  1. Build Your Ecosystem

Set up the Bedding For Your Worms – The bedding is the normal habitat of the worm that you want to replicate in the compost bin. Fill up your bin with strips of straw, dry grass or any other similar material. It offers a fiber source to the worms and ensures that the bin is well-ventilated. Sprinkle some dirt on top and moisten well. You then need to allow the water to soak in for roughly a day before you add worms. With time, the bedding turns into compost material rich in nutrients.

  1. 6ff88c89b4bf261acdeca6fa102c2efdMaintaining and Harvesting Your Compost

Feed the Worms – The worms require a steady diet so that they can remain healthy and generate compost. Feed the worms weekly but in small quantities. As they recreate and increase in numbers, feed them approximately a quart of food scraps on each square foot on a weekly basis.

Maintain Your Bin – Keep your bin off the ground with bricks or any other convenient items. Doing this speeds up the composting process and keeps the worms happy. Worms have the ability to escape nearly anything but when you feed them well and keep them damp; they do not attempt to escape. You can also put some light to ensure they remain there. There are many routines to maintain your bin.

Harvest The Compost – After around 3-6 months, your worm compost system ought to be ready.  You can wear rubber gloves and shift the huge un-composted veggie matter to the side. Scoop some of the worms and the compost mixture on a bright plastic wrap or a piece of newspaper. Graze off the compost in layers and give the worm a little time to warren into the center of the mold.